Activities, Décor & More: Property Insurance for Daycares

Kids require so much stuff. Seriously! Ever been to a baby shower? Sometimes it requires multiple vehicles to transport all of the gifts to the home of the expecting parents. What about a birthday party for an older kid?  Toys and activities galore. The amount of things required to educate, entertain and provide nourishment for children is remarkable.

Now put it in the perspective of your business. You are running a daycare where you attend to the needs of not just one child but multiple children! Meal preparation is likely required. Activities and basic supplies are most definitely required. These are just the basics. This doesn’t even include the décor you have selected to make the place inviting and cozy for your kids. You have invested so much time, effort and money into creating a safe, beautiful space where children can learn and be entertained each day. Material objects are obviously nothing when compared to the protection and safety of the children you serve, but they do cost to replace.

Daycare centers need property or contents coverage in place even if you don’t own the building where your business is located. It is so important that you are able to get the supplies you need in a timely manner if the worst happened. Having adequate property and contents coverage in place ensures the funds will be there to replace your fixtures, activities and more in the event of a covered loss allowing you to get back to running your daycare, serving those kids, and continuing your income as quickly as possible. How much property or contents coverage you need and the cost will vary between daycare centers. If you have more questions about property coverage or would like to get a quote, then our agents would be happy to assist you!

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