How to Protect My Business Against Theft

No business is technically “safe” from theft. Crime can happen anywhere at any time. There are a few things that you can do to help mitigate theft.


Bright exterior and interior lighting can help deter a burglar since it presents a stronger likelihood of getting caught. Often, burglars are looking for quick and easy targets so business that present obvious challenges are avoided.

Alarm System:

Most alarm companies provide you with signage that will also deter a burglar. But even if the signs do not stop the thief, then the sounding of the alarm might prevent further damage or loss. Security cameras can also be added to heighten security on your facility. Large operations might even splurge on having a private patrol throughout the non-working hours.

Entryway Maintenance:

Performing regular check of exterior entry points like windows and doors can also help ensure that your facility is secure. You can catch any weak locks or cracks in the windows before a thief is able to capitalize on them.

You may still be susceptible to crime even after taking these recommended precautions. It is important that your business insurance includes coverage for crime to indemnify you in the event of a theft loss. Crime coverage can not only help you recoup financial losses, but it can help protect you from insider crime as well. We discuss insider crime here.

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