The Insurance Band Aid for Daycare Injuries

So, you’re opening a daycare. Is there anything more rewarding than working with children? The answer is yes. A nice warm bath to relax your mind and your muscles after spending a day working with children. We commend you on choosing a gratifying career surrounded by precious children, but we also hear you moaning from back pain after toting them around all day.

All jokes aside, working with children is actually a very physical job. You may be in the best shape of your life, but injury is still very likely to occur. It is one thing when it occurs in your own home to you or a family member. It is an entirely different matter when injury occurs to an employee. If your daycare center has additional employees, then it is very important that you carry workers compensation insurance to protect yourself and your business should an injury occur.

Workers Compensation can help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent injury, employers’ liability, retraining and survivor benefits. Critical injuries may not happen very often in your field, but injuries do happen. Protect yourself, your business and most importantly your employees by having workers compensation insurance in place.

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