The Insurance Coverage Your Daycare Can’t Go Without

Opening and running a daycare is no joke. Kids are precious but they can also be a handful from time to time. Beginning a journey in daycare ownership is not for the faint of heart. If you are headed down this path, then research will quickly teach you the things you need in place as you work toward creating your vision.

Running a daycare requires licensure, health and safety training, and additional workers depending on the number of kids just to name a few things. Depending on your location and marketing plan it could cost a lot to get up and running. You are already ahead of the game by doing your research!

As you research you may feel overwhelmed and look to start shrinking your vision with what you can do and afford to get up and running quickly. You can always add on additional features, services and locations later on as you grow but there is one element that is critical to have in place from day one.

General Liability Insurance. Commercial general liability insurance is a broad type of insurance policy which provides liability insurance for general business risks. We want you to have protection for your structures, materials and more, but we recognize that we live in a litigious society. Anyone can sue you for anything. That doesn’t mean they will or that they would win if they did, but it is so important to have your liability protected at the start of any new business venture.

An adequate general liability policy will protect you from harm, caused by you or your business, to others for things such as bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.  

You’re spending your day caring for the education and safety of children. Take a little time to care for yourself and the safety of the business you built. If you have additional questions about how General Liability Insurance can benefit your business or would like to get a quote, then let us know!

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